Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microsoft Reveals Windows 7 XPM ‘XP Mode’- another plus point of Windows 7

Just after Microsoft announced the availability of their most awaited OS Windows-7, it’s time for another feature that would be much appreciated. It’s called XPM meaning XP Mode inside Windows 7 would be supposed to eliminate all flaws that were stuck with the failure OS Vista. The concept is based on Virtualization providing backward compatibility.

This will let users run applications designed for Windows XP in a virtual machine, this feature was highly missed by every user of Vista. Dubbed ‘Windows XP Mode', the add-on creates an XP virtual environment running under Virtual PC, Microsoft's client virtualisation technology, within Windows 7, said Scott Woodgate, the director of Windows enterprise and virtualization strategy.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

New Bluetooth 3.0 devices to hit market later this year ‘09

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has recently announced the new Bluetooth 3.0 standard to boost wireless data transfer between devices to 24Mbps from the recent data transfer rate of just 3Mbps for Bluetooth 2.1 standards. In fact, the Bluetooth 3.0 specification is an update from the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol, which was adopted by the group in 2007. bluetooth-3.0-logo

A standards group has approved specifications for a new Bluetooth standard that speeds up wireless data transfers between devices like smart phones and laptops. Bluetooth is commonly used to pair mobile phones with wireless headsets for hands-free talking. It is also used to connect a mobile phone to a laptop to synchronize data or transfer multimedia files without using wires. Over 2 billion devices have shipped with Bluetooth built in, according to Bluetooth SIG report.

The adoption of the standard, and devices based on the Bluetooth 3.0 specification could ship later this year ‘09 or by early next year ‘10 near the holiday season. However, post specification adoption might delay the products on the market. The faster data transfers could lead to its adoption in a number consumer electronics devices beyond just mobile phones.

The Bluetooth SIG has expected Bluetooth 3.0 to make its way into PCs, mobile phones, camcorders, cameras, TVs, digital presenters - devices that consumers use to transfer large data files like those of video, photographs and even entire music libraries.

The standard enables faster data transfers while using less power, giving consumers improved responsiveness and better battery life in mobile devices. It also stabilizes connections between devices, ironing out kinks from earlier standards when connections broke after a device like a cell phone was placed in the pocket. The Bluetooth 3.0 radio is based on Wi-Fi standards, which enables better data throughput while delivers power-saving benefits for mobile devices. It uses short bursts of Wi-Fi to send data, after which the radio is shut off until it is needed again.

More about Bluetooth from the Geeklog. Adopted from the geeklog- ultimate geek knowledge.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Microsoft ends Windows XP Support Ends formally

Microsoft will drop Windows XP out of mainstream support today, with the ageing OS moving into extended support as previously announced.

Microsoft's mainstream support, which is usually offered for only five years, actually ran for seven-and-a-half years because of Windows Vista's long delay. Two years ago, Microsoft also extended mainstream support for XP Home and XP Media Center until 2009, and the deadline for the follow-up phase, dubbed 'extended support', until 2014, to match the dates that had been set earlier for the business-grade XP Professional.

According to Microsoft, the transition from mainstream to extended support for Windows XP means that it will only provide paid support - on a per-incident basis, or through its various pre-paid support programmes - and will only offer non-security hotfixes for a fee, and then only to customers who have purchased the Extended Hotfix Support plan.

Microsoft will continue to generate free security updates for Windows XP, and release them via Windows Update, until April 8, 2014.

Windows XP's shift into the first phase of support retirement comes at a time when the operating system remains extraordinarily popular, especially among business users. According to a recent survey by Dimensional Research, 97 percent of the more than 1,100 IT professionals surveyed said that their companies and organisations are still running XP.

The move out of mainstream and into extended support also comes just days after a leaked Microsoft memorandum spelled out a relaxation of the rules for computer makers that want to continue selling new PCs with the aged OS.

OEMs will be allowed to advertise new systems as XP PCs, something that hasn't been allowed since June 2008, and can 'downgrade' a licence for Windows 7 - the operating system that hasn't yet been released - to XP for at least six months after the former's launch.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said that support for XP on a new machine is provided by the computer maker, not Microsoft. "Customers who purchased Windows XP pre-installed on their machines will receive support from their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) per the OEM support policy at time of purchase," she said.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Year and here we go again

grow your love in new year 2066 Unlike unflourished, uncherished, unperiled, unminded and unaccepted time that could always ruin the runless phenomenon and limits the wishes, the wishes for next new beginning, the hype, the only thought to live, the only frantic nightmare, the only packed up memory. It’s a new year for all the Nepalese- so wishing you all Happy New Year 2066BS.

We like to wish all Nepalis and all other people observing Nepali Culture around the world the very happy new year 2066 BS. Hope this year will bring Nepal- a real change to make it a New Nepal of deeds and the best written Constitution ever. Thanks to robots for visiting this post.(the only frequent visits to this blog)

No more words for this part of the earth- most untalked about, most unlikely to do about, and most unlike to change about. It’s a New Nepal with new faith that couldn’t grow in us(atleast me) for the new era. Leaving spans and creating skycrapers and craning them to dust and muds; and taxing and re-taxing for fueling and wasting your twice a-day daal bhaat.

With this new year Ekendra’s blog will be changed most probably the whole in concept, reality blogging, Nepali blogging, obviously what is seen will be blogged, hope my blog will be more retro and agonizing and degrading… but will be of truth and more about being pure Nepali.

Download calendar of 2066BS for Government issued Public Holidays in Nepal.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why ME? Why NOT me? 99 traits to talk about…

Just to list out 99 traits that been hunting, poisoning and occupying for ever and ever… don’t get the fantasies over, don’t even think about each twice, it’s a dynamic shade:

  • apathy unlimited, broken beak, lost mentality, Obama dreams, baby care, transparent tea, bygone days, lost career, desirous marvels, unsuccessful domains, blue bluehost, talked thinkings, corrupticians, penniless gourmet, skyrocketing themes, charmed wordpress, the same blogger, falsified friendliness, wordless posts, blocked pages,
  • meaningless analysis, inaccessible bandwidth, uncontrollable frustrations, unscheduled to-do lists, facebook fantasies, the same old sonata, thought about live, dead google, humdrum affairs, whatever netizens, flawless encounters, barbarian rule, magnitude scaling, political instability, silver lining kudos, buffering shadows, childhood cowboy times, poisoning hearts, unfaithful relations, namesake constitution, vampire politicians, lightening hearts, mistaken red roses,
  • lost faith, ignorant bliss, chilly momo, sweet love, loadshedding, chicken lover, unwanted back hearings, traits for traits, unscheduled timings, net lover death, craps of Pokhara, suffocating nationality, go as it comes seniors, narrow mindedness, baleful unlucky, born in wrong time, supportless support, loved nightmares, unlimited fantasies,
  • welcomed migraine, networkless signals, running noses, charge coupled devices, he and she, they and me, blissfully happy gals, dumb Himalayas, shadowy fewa, hills of wastages, afraiding beri beri, workless people, punctured tires, broken glasses, happy-go hands, unshredded  kisses, tones of falsified axioms, worthless scrabbling, sucked orange pills, biased educators, shameless businesses, petrol queuing, water-richen shortage, mouthed leaders, confused citizens,
  • earned bucks, feared career, indecisive phrenal cortex, virulent eyes, thoughts for bots, revitalization, unhealed wounds, penalized rewards, khusi for life, never obtained marks, careless beauty, to be stable drain

Need for omitting anything that describes development—coz haven’t seen what it’s like or what is develpment- never used to happen in our lands, in Nepal.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Revitalization in personification of my blog- a more inside approach to blog for a Nepali Mouse

With a mere visits of 18/day, I still tend to update and manage my blog like a pro. This is a compassion, need might be, but not a show case. And I don't want one. Write anything you think of - the wackier the better! This is what made me a compassionate blogger-- self made buddy.

Personal Introspection: Really going personal, sometimes too personal or something else. Personal interest over the country’s issues and on. Sites that are personal, but have things like weblogs and other personal insights will change often enough to bring readers back and are easy to write. (I read this line somewhere else)

Blogging nearly whatever I feel like. This is what doesn’t make me sort of posts, though not always. Sometimes obsessions could drag to go with sticky notes for bloggers or the other time death of another blogger. All of these sorts, of course, are virtually not that untrue—practically realizable.

In the case scenario of being a Nepali Blogger, the lack of bandwidth, the sort of accessible devices and after all the power supply. This is really not that easy going with crustaceans and IPL Cricket matches and World Cup Pre-qualifying rounds and Texas Instrument’s another active filter components and even managing to manage another never been followed schedule. The life is really bugged. A more inside approach could only be perceived had there been some sort of exchanges for likeliness rather than just the Model Sansar.

Personally nullifying the governmental acts, foolishness, guffs to engage public, praised injustice, infinite strikes synonymously Nepal bandhs and never ending list of New Nepal restaurant's menu. Personification could be checked for… later rather than be safe now. Just blog, blog for blogging, blog for myself, blog for Google bots, blog for crawlers, blog for another post, oops another post for blogger. And finally marginally survived 2 of the 19 blogs… for a Nepali Mouse (not the church mouse, referred to as).

Let the best Nepali bloggers flourish for blogging and let this be crosswords.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gain Allocation for Sallen and Key Biquads

Especially talking about the Sallen and Key Biquads or Circuitry, the flexibility of allocating different gains to different filter sections gives an extra degree of freedom in designing high order filters. This freedom of allocating different gains to different factors is termed as gain allocation, or gain assignment. However, there are no such decisive rules, this flexibility offers an opportunity to improve the overall design.

The different gain allocation at different section would affect the signal strength in each section. Hence, gain allocation can be used to make the maximum and minimum signal strength in the pass band in all sections as uniform as practical. This means the overall gain is shared without making the signal in one particular section either too strong to cause distortion or op amp latching, or too weak that falls below the noise threshold.

This gain allocation- gain compensation and enhancement can be performed for Sallen Key representation of Butterworth filter and similar circuitry. Compensation is done at the early stages where as the enhancement is done at the later stages. The purpose of compensation to do is in the order to avoid clipping.

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